Personalized Property Consultations

1.5 hour consultation and idea swap $200

1.5 hour consultation with 5-page write-up summary and “next steps” suggestions $400

Ninja-Grade Consultation:  1.5 hour initial consultation, 5-page summary, and 10-15 page detailed list with planting plans and local resources. This consultation also includes an exit interview time to discuss phases and plans. $1000

Ninja Master Consultation: (Ninja package) plus planting zone information, soil testing, site summary (including weather patterns), suggested monthly to-do lists for your site. Approximate length of your customized permaculture property assessment will be 40+ pages in length. $1700

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Read blog posts, articles, and get tips on how to create productive abundance on your property, yard, and in your life.


Attend local seminars in Kansas City, MO, USA offered on active permaculture sites.


Complete one of our Permaculture Design Courses (PDC) and become a certified dirt ninja.  See homepage for upcoming events.

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