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Concepts and Methodologies in Permaculture

When most people begin thinking about permaculture, they immediately want to jump in to a “how to video”, but those who have practiced it for a number of years understand the concepts and methodologies in permaculture must be precursors to action.  One of the things I appreciated about Geoff Lawton is that in our first Read more about Concepts and Methodologies in Permaculture[…]

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Late Spring Orchard Foliar Spray

Whether you are growing apples, peaches, cherries, or plums, this is a recipe for an organic late spring orchard foliar spray.  Learn to spray holistic and organically in order to keep away from pesticides, herbicides, and other nasty toxins.  This spray will feed the plant, the soil, and healthy microorganisms.  This method works both on Read more about Late Spring Orchard Foliar Spray[…]

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June Gardening To-Do List for Kansas City

June Gardening To-Do List for Kansas City What should I be doing in my garden in the month of June if I live in Kansas City?  Have you ever wondered what other organic urban gardeners are doing right now in their yards or on their properties?  This little collection on tasks will help boost your Read more about June Gardening To-Do List for Kansas City[…]